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About FreeTime101

So what does Freetime 101 mean? What it means is this; as we grow older, many of us tend to forget about all the fun things we did when we were younger. Whether it was going for a hike, or going for a swim. How about making some turns in some knee deep powder?

Maybe it was just riding your bike or taking your dog for a walk. How about skateboarding or shooting some hoops? Ever walked down the beach skipping stones? How about smelling the salt air by the ocean while digging your feet in the sand?

Simple but fun, a positive state of mind. Whatever it was you did, you did it because you wanted to; you chose to do this in your Freetime, not when you were in school or at work and you had to. It was, and still is your time, your "Freetime." We want to make sure that everyone gets back to “the basics of having fun,” we call this Freetime 101.

The mission of Freetime 101 is to create innovative consumer friendly products.

It is our goal to establish the extractable eyewear™ technology as the leader in innovative headwear by providing a product that allows people to wear their prescription, sun or safety glasses without having to worry about losing or damaging them by incorporating our patented technology into a sleek high performance headwear design.

Not only do we plan on educating the current hat and eyeglass wearer, we also plan on enabling the many people who wouldn’t ordinarily wear a hat based on their activity to do so without the worry of damaging or losing either their cap or their glasses.

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